Plamu is looking for partners who will share Plamu’s vision
for art education based on its highly recognized curriculums and art contents
and become a leader in the culture & art education market.

Plamu shares its know-how for efficient business startup and business models
developed in consideration of profit structure with its partners.
Plamu partners can also join Plamu’s culture and art events
including art exhibitions. Our partners will be provided with Plamu’s differentiated
know-how that will help them to open and run
a high-quality art education center. Plamu aims to advance art education
and bring success to its partners.

  • ▶ Use of a specialized textbook “Museum Trail Book”
    ▶ Convenience in organizing classes
    ▶ Profit stability based on use of the workbook

  • ▶ Programs that allow effective time management
    ▶ Curriculum ready for different age groups (3-13 year olds)
    ▶ Programs developed for vacation or other low seasons

  • ▶ Opportunity to join and lead advanced cultural education
    ▶ Adoption of systematic museum education, the latest trend in art education ▶ Regular training sessions & high-quality exhibitions and events prepared by head office

  • Consulting

    ▶ Apply for franchise
    ▶ Attend business
        presentation at the
        head office
    ▶ Disclosure document

  • Contract

    ▶ Franchise contract
    ▶ Franchise
        deposit paid

  • Construction
    & training

    ▶ Manual for interior
    construction provided/
    construction contract
    ▶ Construction finished
    ▶ Instructors recruited/
    trainings for instructors
    provided by head office

  • Promotion
    & opening

    ▶ Purchase teaching aids
         and materials
    ▶ Promotional activities/
         opening preparation
    ▶ Hold class briefing
         sessions supported
         by head office