Programs of Plamu Art Center, started from the London center in 2005,
were designed to integrate creative contents such as
“art and science”, “art and history”, and “art and culture”
into various curriculums for each age group and they encompass
drawing, art history, design and art play focused on improving children’s ability
to appreciate art. Plamu’s teaching method is comprised of building background knowledge,
developing ideas, fun activities and after-learning process to develop
children’s creativity and systematic learning habits.

Every Plamu Art Center follows the same curriculums to make sure
that you benefit from Plamu’s top quality programs whichever branch you are attending.
The objective of Plamu Art Center is to make children feel happy and loved thereby
fostering talents with creative and integrative thinking.


3-4 year / 50minutes

Special program designed for balanced
development of brain and five senses

Plamu Toddler program is a special program
designednot only for balanced brain
development but also for developing
high emotional quotient through diverse and
systematic activities that give optimal
stimulation for sound development of five senses

  • Look

    Program to appreciate

    famous artworks

  • Messy Play

    Program to induce interest in

    art activities by using various

    materials and methods

  • Art&Fun

    Program to make

    three-dimensional objects

    by using fine motor skills

  • Cooking

    Cooking program that

    combines art and cooking


4-6 year / 60minutes

A bridge program for building experiences
and expressing through those experiences

Plamu’s Pre-Workshop program consists of
drawing, crafting and observing art which
lead kids to be more interested in art.
The program is suitable for those who are
just starting to express forms
and develop visual senses.

  • Museum Art

    Art activity related to

    famous paintings and artists

  • Performance

    A group activity upgraded

    from babyhood’s

    performance art

  • Craft

    Cutting and pasting activity

    for fine motor skills

  • Doodling

    Activity to develop basic

    drawing skills with

    dots and lines


6-7 year / 70minutes

Integrated art program based
on museum education

Plamu Workshop is an integrated art program
that involves activities with diverse themes
aimed at enabling children to express their
ideas in intellectual and creative way.

  • Museum Art

    Art activity related to the

    paintings possessed by famous

    museums around the world

  • Element

    Activity to learn basic art

    elements such as colors, shapes,

    light and shadow

  • Craft

    Training find motor skills by making

    3-dimentional artworks through

    origami, clay craft and more

  • Drawing

    for learning how to describe natural

    and artificial objects into paintings

    from the children’s point of view


8-9 year / 90minutes

Crossover art program which
nurtures the intrinsic properties

Plamu Portfolio is an integrated art program
which helps children to develop various
information and experiences into their inner
asset and utilize them for problem solving.

  • Museum Art

    Art activity related to paintings

    possessed by famous

    museums around the world

  • Art&Culture

    Work on 3-dimensional

    artwork related to various

    cultures throughout the world

  • Art&Science

    Research and art activities

    on subjects related to

    art and science

  • Drawing

    Program focused on improving

    drawing skills using different

    kinds of drawing media


10 year ~ / 120minutes

Upgraded art program that pays
closer attention to specific themes

The program covers art history, understanding of
various spheres of design, study on modern artworks
and artists as well as intensive drawing lessons.
This is a program specifically designed for
students who wish to major in
art or take more advanced program.

  • Art&History

    Aclass on the theory of great

    artists and representative

    artworks of their time

  • Art&Design

    In-depth observation on

    art & design, developing ideas

    and producing outputs

  • Artist

    Studying about artworks

    by modern & contemporary artists

    and interpreting them in your own style

  • Drawing Plus

    Learning advanced techniques from

    different genres of paintings

    .including paintings and engravings