• 2005 Opende PLAMU Kids Art Center Lab (London)
  • 2006

    Supported ECLC art program

    Opende plamu lchon Lab (Seoul)

  • 2007 Opende PLAMU Cheongdam
  • 2008 Established Plamu Corp.
  • 2009 Opende PLAMU Seocho education center
  • 2010

    Devekioed"Trail Book" and program manuals

    Established PLAMU life-long education center

    Started PLAMU franchise business

  • 2011

    Opende Gwangsan Br.in Gwangju,

    Pyeongchon Br.and Bucheon Br.

  • 2012

    Published"Stories of Famous Paintings for Little Artists",

    Opened Jamsil Br.in Songpa

  • 2013

    Published"I am a Kid Designer",Totobook

    Opened Hannam Br., Mokdong Br.

    and Songdo Br. in Incheon

  • 2014

    Opened Jukjeon Br., Jeongja Br. in Bundang,

    Daechi Br. and Gwanak Br.

  • 2015

    Opened llsan Br., Apgujeong Br., Deungchon Br.,

    Sejong Br., Mapo Br., Seodaemun Br, gwangkyo Br.,

    Dongdaemun Br.

  • 2016

    Opened Eunsong Br.in Gwang-ju

    Opened yeon-dong Br.in jeju-do

    Opened Wirye Br.

    Opened Marine city Br.in busan

    Opened Changwon Br.in Seongsan

    Opened Junggye Br.

  • 2017

    Opened Gwangjin Br.

    Opened Dongtan Br.

    Opened Pangyo Br.

    Opened lrvine Br.in USA

    Opened Dadae Br. in Busan

    Opened Hyundai City Mall Br.